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Our Quality is similar to the timeless classics

This is a story about a family who has never lost sight of what is important in any business and that is you, our customers. Doña Nolhida Ramon Castillo de Echevarria, better known as Doña Noli to all those who love her was born December 3rd, 1942 in Artemisa formerly of Pinar del Rio and now of Habana in the island of Cuba. From her mother Maria Josefa Castillo who at the tender age of 16 went to work for Tabacalera Partagas in Habana, Cuba and her husband Osmin Echevarria Lacher who grew up in Los Remates de Guanes in the province of Pinar del Rio, whose family had grown tobacco for the Toraños for many years, she would be for the rest of her life linked to the cigar industry. A journey that began in 1921 with her mother, continued from the 30’s through the 50’s with the man who would be her one true love, and now in 2018 almost a century since the beginning of this journey Doña NOLI Cigar Shop is born.

Now in the city of Statesville, NC her son Dunkan Ramon Echevarria in a tribute to all that his mother has stood for and done for her family has now opened to the public a boutique cigar shop. The name Doña NOLI Cigars will proudly be added to the names of other great businesses in the city they have made their home. Dunkan Ramon Echevarria a well known and respected cigar consultant with experience in the development of cigar shops and the day to day operations of cigar shops in both North and South Carolina will bring to the public a one-stop shop for the cigar enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Known in the industry as the Cigar Consigliere(advisor), Dunkan brings 20 years of experience in the cigar industry. Also bringing a background as an ASID, a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and a Certified Landscape Designer, Dunkan will bring all his skill sets to create a warm, friendly, and well-stocked cigar environment to the city of Statesville NC.

Come meet Doña Noli, have a cigar with her and the family. Vist our neighbor and great friend Joe Bondi owner of Red Buffalo Brewing Co., partake of some phenomenal handcrafted beer and have a delicious meal at his pub. All conveniently located next door to us. We look forward to seeing you. Doñanoli Cigars, where friends are made with every cigar purchase.

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Dunkan Echevarría